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G2E Las Vegas: The Nardini effect – Barstool Sports

Speaking at G2E Las Vegas, Barstool Sports CEO Erika Ayers Nardini discussed the integration of media and sports betting at the company. 

erika nardini bartstool g2e

Nardini expressed her love of media and gratitude for the wealth of media experience she has cultivated over the years.  

However, she also described modern media as being in “a state of complete freefall.” 

She added: “Media is in total chaos. Because anyone can take the phone in their hand, flip the camera and make content. The democratisation of media has completely changed how it is created, distributed and defined. The notion of journalism has changed vs opinion.” 

Nardini went on to call Barstool a “renegade” brand, which only had social media as an available platform. 

She revealed: “As big technology companies such as Microsoft and Google invented products, I just helped Barstool take advantage of these products. That’s how we grew so fast. We were growing on the fastest-growing platforms that were available to everyone.” 

Nardini didn’t stop there, going on to discuss Barstool's unique approach to marketing and advertising spending.  

“I think the worst thing that can happen to the sports betting industry is for it to be like the credit card or airline industries which scream a bunch of offers at consumers in the hope of getting their attention.  

“I don’t think this is particularly compelling. What Barstool does is make sports betting and iCasino conversational. It’s really important to understand how to harness a conversation around the product and industry. Content should be compelling and consumers should want to engage with it.” 

When questioned by the moderator, Nardini says this approach has helped Barstool attract younger customers, in an industry typically catered toward older demographics.  

She finished: “If you’re in your mid-twenties with some disposable income, what’s compelling to them is change. We’re in an era where the camera is closer to your face. Young people want louder, wilder, crazier versions of what has come before.  

“The way to connect with young people is radically different, so what Barstool is doing to try and achieve virality to pull in these younger demographics.” 

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