First skill-based slot machine launched in New Jersey

By Caroline Watson
The first skill-based slot machine in the country began taking wagers this week in Atlantic City. On Wednesday, Caesars Entertainment unveiled a machine with the “same casino economics” as a slot device whilst resembling a video game.

The game, titled “Danger Arena”, is a first-person game where payout is determined by the player’s ability.

The games give the player a brief tutorial, and then present the customer with a map or game scenario. This scenario will vary randomly and constitutes the “element of chance” that is the hallmark of traditional slot machines. It is then up to the player to manoeuvre through the playing field in 45-90 second increments.

There are 21 of the new gaming machines that will be distributed between the company’s three casinos, Harrah’s, Caesars and Bally’s.

In a statement, the casino operator says: “Caesars is excited to celebrate the launch of the world’s first skill-based video game gaming machines.”

These skill based games are targeted at millennials and are expected to usher in a new era of gambling aimed at attracting young people who grew up playing video games.

GameCO CEO, Blaine Graboyes says he: “envisions a bright revitalised future in Atlantic City as a new generation of gamers find their way here.”

With Atlantic City’s finances in a dire situation, the debut of the skill-based slot machine could not have come at a better time.

Similar machines were approved for Nevada casinos, but they are yet to debut.

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