Native Indian gaming revenues show significant national and regional growth

By Josh Fisher
The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) reported this week that North America’s tribal gaming operators have set a record, taking over $30bn for the first time in gross gaming revenue.

Collectively taking $31.2bn, this represents a 4.4% increase over 2015, a significantly higher pace of growth than that of commercial casinos, which grew by 1.1% in the same period.

Sacramento in California was the region that showed the most year-on-year growth for tribal gaming nationwide, with an increase of 6.3% to $8.4bn. Meanwhile, the Oklahoma City region boasted the second-best revenue increase in the US, rising 4.4% to $2.9bn.

The lowest rate of growth was in the St. Paul region, with a 1.1% increase of revenue for the period.

"The stable growth is reflective of a healthy and well-regulated industry with a tremendous impact on local and state economies," said Jonodev O. Chaudhuri, Chairman of the NIGC.

Gaming revenues were calculated based on 484 independently audited financial statements dealing with 244 federally-recognised tribes that operate gaming enterprises in 29 states, the NIGC’s report said.

On electronic games covered by the compacts, tribes pay 4% of the first $10m of annual adjusted gross revenues, 5% of the next $10 million and 6% of adjusted gross revenues over $20m. They pay 10% of the monthly net win on table games.


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