Betway joins forces with controversial affiliate program provider

By Robert Simmons
Affiliate network BetWay Partners has confirmed that it is transferring control of its revenue share affiliate accounts to controversial affiliate program provider Buffalo Partners, as reported by the Casino News Daily website.

Buffalo Partners will take charge of the Betway Partners accounts on August 1st and the company has been repeatedly forced to defend itself against accusations of unfriendly and unethical business practices, some of which have been proven to be true.

The company was initially formed in 2014, when affiliate programs Wagershare and Referback merged. In its previous guise as Wagershare, the company was forced to deal with a number of discontented affiliates when it implemented a series of retroactive changes to its terms and conditions which blocked payments to affiliates who did not attract new players.

There were more allegations of wrongdoing when Buffalo attempted to migrate former Referback players to its UK-facing Spin casino. In doing so, a number of its UK affiliate partners found that their players had disappeared, prompting angry calls for an investigation into Buffalo’s business practices.

As a result of this potentially fraudulent activity, Buffalo were stripped of all of their UK licences by the UK Gambling Commission and now only operate in Malta.

The company has also been repeatedly accused by fellow affiliates of using a well known affiliate hacker to attack affiliate websites and force website traffic to Buffalo Partners casino brands.

At the time of the accusations, the company denied any involvement with the hacker and stated that the affiliate partners accounts had merely been blocked, but the affiliates were unmoved by Buffalo’s inaction and repeated denials and have continued to accumulate evidence of the companies’ controversial practices, turning Buffalo Partners into an affiliate industry pariah.


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