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NEWS 16 August 2017

Online fraud biggest headache for iGaming operators

By Harrison Sayers
A new report shows the extent of difficulties caused by fraud as well as other challenges in the online gaming business.

CASEXE, an online casino software developer and supplier for online gaming businesses, conducted a survey of 50 online gaming business in European and Commonwealth independent States.

The findings raised red flags regarding fraud, regional restricted acceptance payments, content, payment delays and financial gambling operations.

Fraud was the largest concern of the online gaming business with 94% reporting problems, followed closely by ‘bonus hunters’ and multi-accounting.

The report suggested that some of the issues could benefit from greater regulation, with sign ups to websites requiring more ID and better security software to detect fraudulent players.

According to the survey 82% reported they were dissatisfied with payment systems that were integrated into their online casinos. Also mentionable was the 72% who had problems with regional restricted payments.

Payment delays were faced by over half (55%) with a further 34% disclosing high fees from online payment systems as well as 19% of them claiming software failures or delays regularly.

CASEXE noted in their summary; “The data obtained by CASEXE is another reaffirmation of the need to optimise operation for Internet gaming operators. We are focusing on those aspects that are considered as concurrent key issues for online casino owners.”

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