Kla-Mo-Ya Casino breaks ground on new development

By Harrison Sayers
Construction is underway for the new Kla-Mo-Ya Casino expansion in Chiloquin after several years of planning. The construction will see the building of a hotel next to their already successful casino turning it into a faux integrated resort. The project should be completed by the summer of 2018.

Kla-Mo-Ya is located in the South of Oregon having been built in 2005 by the Klamath Tribal Council.

The Kla-Mo-Ya Casino’s next door hotel will be the third property to be owned and operated by the Klamath tribe, whose other venture includes the Crater Lake Junction travel centre.

The development is estimated at around $6.5m with expenses being saved by the casinos partnership with Choice Hotels. For instance the designs were bought pre-packaged from Choice saving around $500,000.

The construction will see a new 76-room hotel in the casinos parking lot. Furthermore, Klamath Tribes will be receiving effective methods for reducing energy and water costs by Choice Hotel.

When talking on the first day of construction, Jared Hall, Klamath Tribes Economic Development Executive Director said: “Today is all about teamwork and perseverance. It will be great for the tribe and help catapult us to the next economic development venture as we seek to gain economic self-sufficiency in the future."

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