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NEWS 7 August 2018

Wynn Resorts announces new Vice Chairman

By Harrison Sayers

Wynn Resorts has appointed Phil Satre as its new Vice Chairman, as Daniel Boone Wayson prepares to step down as Chairman.

The operator's Board of Directors plan to replace Wayson with Satre when he leaves at the end of the year.

Satre said: "I applaud the efforts by management and the board to respond to the current challenges faced by this otherwise first-class enterprise. The strength of the current board of directors, combined with the leadership of Matt Maddox and his team, give me confidence that the future is bright for Wynn Resorts."

Satre is currently the president of the National Center for Responsible Gaming. He has also worked in the gaming industry in other capacities for 25 years, during which he has served as Chairman and CEO of operator Harrah’s Entertainment.

Wayson added: "This appointment is the result of a collaborative effort with co-founder Elaine Wynn, which I believe will serve as the beginning of a constructive and unified effort by all parties to move the company forward."

Wynn Resorts has undergone a period of change following sexual misconduct allegations against the company’s founder, Steve Wynn, emerged.

Wynn stepped down as CEO in February, being replaced by Matt Maddox, as Wynn's ex-wife Elaine became the company’s largest shareholder. The company also added three new board members in April.

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