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NEWS 8 August 2018

Fifa World Cup generates $136bn turnover

By Tim Poole

Fifa analysis of the 2018 World Cup has revealed betting turnover of $136bn for the tournament.

The analysis, conducted in conjunction with supplier Sportradar, also found no signs of match manipulation or betting fraud.

The competition was closely monitored by Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System – watching over as many as 550 operators worldwide. Some alerts were generated, according to Fifa, though these are easily explained by markets adjusting opening odds after the first two rounds of matches.

In its analysis, Fifa suggested Croatia was a "very profitable team" for bookmakers worldwide due to their high opening odds, underdog victories and highest average betting turnover per match of any team in the competition.

The surge in sports betting prompted by the World Cup has led to a number of companies posting increases in revenue during the first half of 2018.

Paddy Power Betfair is one, benefiting from a 13% rise in revenue during Q2, while there was a World Cup inspired spike in sales for Taiwan’s sports lottery in June.


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