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NEWS 6 November 2018

Miami Dolphins urge fans to vote against gaming legislation amendment

By Matthew Enderby

The Miami Dolphins encouraged Florida residents to vote today, as the future of sports betting in the state was on the ballot.

The NFL team tweeted its fans and 983,000 followers, reminding them to “protect their rights” and “vote no on Amendment 3.”

A total of 60% of votes are needed for it to take effect.

The Amendment in question does not directly deal with sports betting but, if passed, would force any future gaming expansion through a referendum and not legislative votes.

This would slow down the process in a state where the Seminole Tribe has significant influence on gaming issues.

The Seminoles, along with Disney World Services, owners of ESPN, have been pushing for a “Yes” vote, while FanDuel and DraftKings have invested in efforts to promote a “No” response.

This is the first time a major US sports team has spoken out in favour of a vote in any direction, and reflects the current political climate and public opinion toward sports betting in the country.


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