Better Collective data: Sweden, Denmark world's most successful tipster nations

By Tim Poole

Better Collective data sent exclusively to Gambling Insider shows betting tipsters from Sweden and Denmark are the most successful in the world on the affiliate's website

Swedish and Danish tipsters led the way from 1 January through to 29 November 2018, with 53% of their tips proving successful.

English tipsters were the nearest competitors on 49%, while Spain completed the list of the best-performing countries on 46%.

In the October edition of Trafficology, Better Collective’s Video Marketing Specialist Joe Ryan discussed the affiliate’s approach to its honest tipster evaluations.

He said: "We’re very keen on keeping track of stats and showing people the track records of our tipsters. That kind of separates us from other affiliates, who hide behind their records and only show winning tips or winning things they’ve done. We’ll be quite open and honest and say some tipsters aren’t very good!"

It’s important to note the highest winning percentages are just over 50%, demonstrating the difficulty of being a betting tipster and supporting Ryan’s point that a good affiliate should never make over-ambitious claims about unrealistic success.

Here is the Better Collective data in full:

Tipster Nationality Winning %
Swedish 53%
Danish 53%
English 49%
French 49%
Italian 48%
Polish 48%
German 48%
Serbian 47%
Spanish 46%

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