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NEWS 8 July 2019

Asianconnect88 ends deal with site connected with Betfair

By Nathan Joyes

Affiliate Asianconnect88 has ended its business deal with 9Wickets - a website connected to Betfair - after an investigation by the Financial Times found the agency was offering access to Betfair in the US and India.

Betting on gambling is illegal in most of India, but there is no law that makes online betting an illegal activity. In the US, Betfair is only active in New Jersey.

The Financial Times reported it was able to open an account with 9Wickets through Asianconnect88, which was offering Betfair’s exchange service. The publisher stated it was able to avoid customer identity checks when opening the account.

A spokesperson from Betfair told Gambling Insider the company has a select number of B2B partners, which are all licensed in several jurisdictions and are all required to conduct KYC on its customers.

Betfair explained it has access to every individual who has signed up to the operator. Partners are expressly forbidden in any territory deemed to be illegal and there is a restricted list in all contracts.

Betfair was unable to directly answer if the operator had been using 9Wickets to gain customer data from either India or the US.

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