VBet Global Marketing Director: Future is bright for operator-football club partnerships

By Matthew Enderby

Viktor Hoffmann, Global Marketing Director at VBet, a BetConstruct brand, spoke exclusively to Gambling Insider on the nature of relationships between operators and football clubs.

He believes that, despite the negative attitudes and increasing regulation around sports betting advertising, both parties will continue to benefit from the partnerships.

Hoffmann said: "When I speak to clubs, they are always very open and willing to work with gambling companies and they understand a sizeable part of their fanbase very much enjoy a responsible bet with a safe, licensed, trusted and stable operator.

"The clubs want to work with a sustainable and healthy betting industry – the future is bright for these partnerships because they are based on mutual value between the club, the partner and the fans."

He sees tightening regulations as "existential," adding: "We have passed the point where this is necessary in my opinion."

Hoffmann admits the industry has had to improve with regards to player protection, but now sees new regulations, including those self-imposed by operators, as creating barriers to entry.

He believes it is important to take a different approach and said: "BetConstruct has always taken the opposite view: lower the barriers of entry and increase competition.

"It is better for the customer and it keeps us on our toes to deliver more, innovate, create better experiences and increase enterprise speed."


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