Pragmatic Play VP: Never write off what bingo can do for acquisition and cross sell

Pragmatic Play VP of Bingo Claire McDaid believes the vertical represents an underutilised opportunity for operators to acquire new slots customers.


After several years with GVC Holdings, which involved heading Foxy Bingo, McDaid made the move from operator to supplier last year.

While she admits bingo is considered "the ugly baby," the executive feels operators can achieve cheaper acquisition through the vertical.

McDaid tells Gambling Insider: "It’s the ugly baby! I get that. I think it comes from it being a female demographic, so people ask why bother in a male-dominated market like sportsbook?

"But the one thing I say to people is you’ve got cheaper acquisition here. Here’s your chance to increase your database and get cheaper CPAs.

"Yes, they will bring in a lower-value player but you’ve got the opportunity to then cross sell. If you look at the high-value players on bingo websites, it’s not because they’re playing bingo, it’s because they’re playing slots."

The Pragmatic Play VP also sees bingo as an opportunity to shift a "very male-dominated database."

McDaid explains: "I know of operators who are very keen to shift a very male-dominated database. This is how they’re going to do it.

"You can still go on daytime TV in the UK with a bingo product. You can shift your marketing strategy and cross sell over to slots.

"So bingo can be used to attract bingo players and evolve the brand; but never write it off for what it can do for you in terms of driving new acquisition and cross sell."

The full interview with McDaid will be published in Gambling Insider magazine.

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