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NEWS 3 October 2019

British racing must plan for no-deal, says Brexit Steering Group

By Nathan Joyes

Horseracing has been informed by British racing's Brexit Steering Group it must begin to make plans for how the sport can continue to operate if a no-deal Brexit occurs.

Despite remaining unknown whether or not the UK will leave the European Union on October 31, the group has strongly advised all industry participants to start making plans to cope with the potential changes.

Those within the industry hoping to travel for work purposes or looking to transport horses within the EU after October 31 will need to have preparations in place if the UK is to leave the EU without a deal.

This is due to the free movement of racehorses and breeding stock between the UK and the EU no longer applying from November onwards.

Other factors those within the industry will have to consider include: provision of veterinary medicines, the application of tariffs to sales of geldings and other areas, which will also include VAT.

The group said further updates will be provided in the coming weeks as the situation develops; more guidance is expected to be issued.

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