Evolution Gaming CEO: Companies must balance ambition with cost-efficiency

By Tim Poole

Evolution Gaming CEO Martin Carlesund says he wants to build "the best company in the world," which starts with building the right team and balancing ambition with cost-efficiency.

The live casino supplier has grown significantly over the last few years and its CEO has aims to outperform the likes of Spotify, Facebook and Google.

He tells Gambling Insider: "You have to have ambition in your company; you have to be strict and cost-efficient.

"But you have to put a team together, a company together, and my aim is to build the best company in the world.

"I really mean that. It should be better than Spotify, Facebook, Google; it should be the best one."

While Carlesund emphasises ambition, he says there is no place for ego in business.

For the Evolution CEO, finding someone "better" than him isn’t a threat. Instead, he would hire them straight away.

"If you attract top people, challenge them and let them do their thing, then you get that fantastic creative process when the company really goes forward," he explains.

"That won’t happen if you don’t have that ambition, you are controlling or you’re trying to be better than everyone else.

"You should always recruit better people: if I can find someone better than me, fantastic; get them."

You can read the full feature-length interview with Carlesund in the January/February edition of Gambling Insider magazine, which will be distributed at ICE London.


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