IGB Live panel: Constantly updating content key for affiliates to win SEO ranking war

By Iqbal Johal

Updating and keeping content fresh is one of the key ways for gaming affiliates to make their SEO rankings more consistent, according to a digital marketer.

Neil Patel, co-founder of digital marketing agency Neil Patel Digital, believes the best ways for affiliates to overcome the ‘Google bungy jumping’ challenges they face, is to keep updating old content, and offering an “amazing user experience.”

During his Google Wars talk at iGB Live, Patel said: “We found that if you update your content and keep it fresh and most relevant for users, you end up ranking better in the long run.

“On my site, I only write one new blog post per week, but have people updating roughly 90 a month. Even if they’re not new posts, your Google traffic over time can continue to rise.

“Secondly, is having amazing user experience such as fast site speed, less pop ups and more things that puts the user first and continues to provide value to them.”

Patel also believes the future of SEO is going to be omni-channel, and looking beyond Google, voice searches is becoming an increasingly popular search channel.

He added: “At least in the US, more than 50% of the searches this year are voice searches.

“People are finding it easier on there to search for things when they are on the go. That means search is everywhere, and voice search platforms are pulling from organic Google results.

“Search is going be everywhere and if affiliates want their content to rank high, just don’t think about Google as a platform, but think about voice search devices; your mobile, your iPad, even your fridges and all these types of things.”


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