Product Review: Instant Betting from Kambi

By Carl Friedmann

In-game has long been an integral part of the sports betting experience and where customers are increasingly won or lost. Kambi has invested heavily in its live betting offering in recent years, and, by extension, our instant betting product, which accounts for wagers with a short lifespan such as whether the next field goal in basketball will be a two or three pointer, or the next point winner market in tennis. Instant markets can provide a real point of differentiation for online books by appealing to a variety of player types and extending the lifetime of a sporting event where the result may have been decided early in the game, for example, the result of pitch in baseball when the game itself has long been decided. In the US, we've also found that bettors who engage with instant betting place more wagers overall during a game. Kambi has consistently been ahead of the curve with regards to instant betting, rolling out its extensive offering across a range of high-profile sports including tennis, soccer and golf. We've always held a particularly strong position in soccer, which will no doubt be a key focus for our partners during the Euros. The power and complexity under the hood required to present all of these instant markets in a seamless, automated manner to the bettor, with low delays, cannot be overstated, and nor can the expertise this requires in our proprietary pricing. The growing popularity of instant betting clearly illustrates the need for a best-in-class sportsbook, underpinned by proven, high-performance technology in meeting the demands of the modern player. Our data so far suggests American bettors have a real appetite for this type of ‘snack’ betting. For instance, across Kambi’s US partner network in 2020, we experienced a threefold year-on-year increase in instant betting as a proportion of all NFL live turnover. In-game betting is the key battleground among US sportsbooks, and instant betting is increasingly having its say.