Product Review: POS Retail Device from DS Virtual Gaming

By Carl Friedmann

In the last few years, DS Virtual Gaming has positioned itself as a sophisticated and reliable software developing company and comprehensive service provider for the virtual betting industry. The portfolio of the firm encompasses top choice products and services for betting shops and online gambling platforms. The focus of this article will be laid on the most successful solution for the land-based business, namely the POS retail device. The next-generation point-of-sale cashier system entails a touchscreen with integrated barcode scanner, network connection and an adjustable base. It packs an innovative, space-saving and modular design and only weighs 3kg. Understanding and using the module and its displays is a straightforward affair. The customer tells the seller the desired combination of bets and receives a corresponding betting slip once they have paid. Any winnings are paid out upon presenting this betting slip. One of the cash register system’s prime advantages is that it allows for concurrent bets on the same race. This solution is also available as an HTML web version (web retail device), where the same software is used on existing hardware devices. The optimal add-on for the cash register system is the Android TV Box, which uses the latest in streaming technology to offer a more user-friendly and cutting edge real-time transmission. Back-up has also been thought out. Let’s say that internet connection is a little slower in some regions. In order to bring all ends up to speed, the videos can be played straight from the integrated memory. Needless to say that all games are available on the POS software. Be it Racingdogs, Racingdogs+, Racinghorses, Racingkarts and roulette. The games and odds are synchronised in all locations. That means that all players, regardless of geo-location, can experience the same action-packed communal event for some shared thrills. DS Virtual Gaming is a top choice when it comes to user-friendliness, reliability and state-of-the-art security standards.