23 June, 2023

In focus: Pavilion Payments

In April of this year, Global Payments Gaming Solutions formally split from its parent company, Global Payments, to become a standalone organisation named Pavilion Payments, one of the broadest and most innovative vertically integrated payment providers focused on the gaming industry.

Christopher Justice

Aside from just the change in name, the transition to Pavilion Payments has also been an opportunity to reorientate the company and fully focus its efforts towards serving the gaming industry. Pavilion Payments offers the same technology with a renewed commitment to client-driven success, 360-degree integration and targeted innovation. The transition to Pavilion Payments has been a chance to grow its business and expand its role in the gaming industry payments.

Since becoming Pavilion Payments, the gaming industry payments provider has dramatically expanded its business. Being client success-driven means that Pavilion Payments puts its clients’ needs at the forefront of everything it does. It involves understanding clients’ businesses, challenges and goals, as well as using that understanding to provide personalised solutions that help them succeed. Earlier this year, Pavilion Payments extended its relationship with eight online gaming institutions to utilise its iGaming payments solutions.

In addition, 13 iGaming casinos have implemented online bank credentialing for Pavilion Payments’ industry-standard e-check/ACH network, VIP Preferred. By delivering reliable and consistent services and providing personalised service and support, Pavilion Payments helps its clients achieve their goals and succeed in an ever-changing gaming industry. Pavilion Payments has hired several new personnel in key strategic positions to expand its business to further the commitment to growing its organisation by 50%, to better serve its customers.

Instead of having siloed payment systems for in-person and online, Pavilion Payments offers a single solution. Pavilion Payments’ e-check network, VIP Preferred, enables the fastest, easiest and safest payment process by integrating seamlessly with various gaming platforms, providing a state-of-the-art payment experience for users. VIP LightSpeed, part of the VIP Preferred vertically integrated suite of solutions, facilitates faster, more efficient and secure check-cashing transactions. VIP Preferred allows for patrons to use online bank credentialing for enrolment, which eliminates manual errors and circumvents one of the greatest barriers to entry for cashless gaming. VIP Preferred utilises bank-grade security to ensure all transactions that connect to more than 400 in-person and online gaming institutions and have more than 3 million registered users across the country. 

Pavilion Payments is investing in targeted innovations for the gaming industry to provide new and innovative solutions for brick-and-mortar and online gaming institutions. VIP Mobility is a part of the VIP Preferred vertically integrated suite of solutions and the industry’s first mobile solution enabling true cashless gaming. VIP Mobility creates a modern payments solution that puts the speed and convenience of VIP Preferred in the casino patrons’ hands.

VIP Mobility’s system-agnostic approach allows for easy implementation on the gaming institution’s part and integrates easily into its existing payments program. Patrons can use VIP Mobility to pay for services all across the property, including bars, restaurants and other resort amenities. VIP Mobility provides a modern, unified payments experience that will have patrons excited to return.

“Pavilion Payments helps its clients to achieve their goals and succeed in an ever-changing gaming industry”

Pavilion Payments creates innovative, forward-thinking technology that utilises the latest advancements in payments technology. Pavilion Payments’ latest innovation, iGaming Software Development Kit (SDK), offers operators a seamless and efficient solution to integrating Pavilion’s iGaming technology. The iGaming SDK is highly customisable and will enable casino operators to easily integrate Pavilion Payments’ other innovations including SameDay ACH, Credit/Debit acceptance, Real Time Payments (RTP) and risk enhancements without additional development by the operator. 

The transition to Pavilion Payments has been a chance for the organisation to focus all its efforts on creating the gaming industry’s best payments technology and serving its customers. Pavilion Payments understands that its clients’ success is key to their own success, recognises the significance of targeted innovations for patrons and prioritises a 360-degree integration of payment solutions; to enable secure and seamless funding across all locations, devices and channels.

The coming months will be vitally important for Pavilion Payments as it continues to grow into its new brand, and distinguishes itself as a broad and innovative vertically integrated payment provider focused on the gaming industry.