6 November, 2023

In Focus: Spribe

Spribe CCO, Giorgi Tsutskiridze, speaks to Gambling Insider about crash games, engaging the next generation and breaking into the US market

Tell us about your company. 


Spribe is the developer behind the number one crash game in the world, Aviator. We pioneered the crash game category with the launch of Aviator back in 2019 and since then have revolutionised the iGaming industry.  

Aviator sits within a portfolio of turbo games and slots, and we also offer a cutting-edge poker client. Aviator is now live with more than 2,000 casino brands worldwide, allowing operators to engage the lucrative but hard to reach Millennial (Generation Y) and Generation Z audiences like never before. The game has been built for mobile and has a smooth and seamless UI while offering fast-paced gameplay and bags of social interaction. Which is just what these demographics are looking for.  

Today, Aviator is played by more than 10 million people each month with more than 165,000 bets being placed every minute. Spribe has positioned itself at the cutting-edge of this space and we continue to bring innovative features, superior quality and compelling design to our product portfolio.  


How did you come up with the idea for your turbo game section? 


Aviator is the flagship title in our portfolio and was born out of a desire to offer Millennials and Generation Z players a game that not only met but exceeded their expectations. This meant delivering simple gameplay with an element of control over the outcome, social interaction and the potential to win big from small stakes. 

It needed to feel like a mobile game and provide the high levels of trust and fair play that this demographic looks for. We worked hard to ensure that Aviator offered this and, judging by the number of casinos that stock the game and the millions of people that play it each month, it has been a fly-away success.  


Why do you want to target Gen Y? 


Because it is a highly valuable but untapped audience for operators. The only reason they have failed to truly engage this cohort is because they have not had the right games to tap into their psyche and compel them to ditch mobile games in favour of online casino. We knew we could change that and bring never seen before opportunities and value to operators if we could get Aviator right. We knew it would only take one game, but that game had to hit the mark.  

On the flip side, we wanted to provide Millennials and Generation Z audiences with an entirely new entertainment experience and Spribe was excited about the challenge that presented. Ultimately, by bringing together elements of mobile gaming and social platforms and wrapping them in a game that had a simple UI, social interaction, multiplayer and fast-paced, we were able to create a game that delivered for both players and operators.  


Spribe is currently licensed in Malta. How is that going for you? 


We have been licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority for more than three years now and it was a priority licence for us. Malta is one of the most established, respected and prestigious regulators in the world, attracting some of the biggest operators and suppliers in the business.  

Our Malta licence has enabled us to deploy our ambitious international market expansion strategy and partner with tier-one online casinos in jurisdictions around the globe. So far as a regulatory body and partner goes, Malta really does set the standard for others to follow.  


What markets have you not broken into, but would like to, and why? 


We are on a mission to launch Aviator and our portfolio of turbo, slots and poker games into every single regulated market in the world. Currently, we hold more than 30 certifications and seven licences, which provides us with access to the vast majority of jurisdictions.  

One market where we have yet to make a move is the US, but we are hard at work on securing the necessary approvals to take flight in New Jersey with other states to follow after that. Aviator is truly a global game and we look forward to players in the US being able to put their nerves to the test as the plane climbs higher, and the win multiplier gets bigger and bigger for the very first time.