ASA gives rulings on Foxy Games and Betfair ads

By Owain Flanders

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned an advertisement by Foxy Games for suggesting customers can achieve financial security by playing slots and bingo.

The investigation centred around a Google search ad for Foxy Games which was seen in July 2020. The ad, which stated “Earn money Online – Foxy Games – Play Online,” appeared when anyone searched for the term “make money online.

The complainant accused Foxy Games of insinuating gambling was a legitimate way to earn financial security. The ASA agreed with this judgement, concluding that the phrase “Earn money online” suggested customers could attain a regular source of income.

Foxy Games had already removed the ad, which it said had appeared as a result of human errort. However, the ASA banned the ad to appear in the future in the form complained of.

After completing a similar investigation into a Betfair advertisement the ASA concluded the ad was not in breach of its code.

The TV ad utilised the slogan “when there’s a chance, there’s always a chance,” and focussed on a man betting while rushing to board a plane.

The complainant argued that the ad portrayed gambling as taking priority in life by showing a man betting in a time-pressured situation. The ASA disagreed with this ruling, arguing that the man was not distracted by gambling and it was not shown as indispensable.


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