Yggdrasil is Taking Player Engagement to the Next Level

By Gambling Insider

Yggdrasil's vision is to become the leading worldwide publisher of online gaming content. We have a multifaceted approach to the industry. We want to create the best possible games ourselves, but we also encourage partnerships, franchisees, and all kinds of collaborations, such as our recent work with streamers.

Thanks to Yggdrasil Masters Program, we have established fruitful and inspiring alliances with many different and innovative 3rd party studio partners and developers. Through Masters Program, we provide all player marketing tools to create engagement and activity among their players. To capitalize on our game IP and optimize our value creation in tight collaboration with our Masters' partners, we extend our offering by licensing our unique game mechanics. Our Masters' partners can create games based on our top-rated and high performing mechanics such as Gigablox, Splitz, and MultiMax and upcoming mechanics we're working on at the moment. We call this GEM - Game Engagement Mechanics. A name to keep in mind!

"I think our GEMs show what Yggdrasil is all about: innovation, entertainment, and a strong focus on the player experience. Giving our Masters' partners the possibility to use all of our high-value game mechanics mean we open to another level of collaboration and realization of business strategies. Players who love these mechanics will for sure see more games produced and released in light of our close collaboration with Masters Partners in the future," says Robin Becker, Head of Marketing for Yggdrasil Gaming.

Symbols split for bigger wins

Our first available GEM was Splitz, which was released in the game Temple Stacks in January 2020. The game showed the Splitz mechanic's power, offering the player more than 200 000 ways to win!
We have since released two other games featuring Splitz: the visually bombastic Neon Rush and the classy art-deco-inspired game Syncronite, where symbols split for bigger wins. We believe this is an innovative experience in casino gaming and one of the strengths of Splitz is that it can create some massive wins for the fortunate player.

What is Splitz

Try the Game Temple Stacks  Try the Game Neon Rush  Try the Game Syncronite

Multiply the winnings with Multimax

Our bestselling game "Multifly!" features Multimax - another one of our GEMs. Multimax offers the player multiplier reels for multiplied winnings. After each win, all reels with at least one symbol contributing to the wins have their corresponding multipliers applied to the win.

Multifly!, is packed with fierce features Dropdown Wins, Wilds, and the MultiMAX feature that allows every win to multiply by up to 5 different multipliers.
Players have taken to this game, and we believe our partners in YG Masters can use this mechanic to the max! Who doesn't love multiplied wins?

What is Multifly!
Try the Game Multifly!

Bigger "blox" means bigger wins
Lucky Neko and Hades were two giant (or perhaps we should say Giga-sized) hits for us this year. They both feature the Gigablox mechanic, where a symbol might cover the entire screen for gigantic wins. It's simple: bigger blox, means bigger wins.

The first launched GigaBlox game was Lucky Neko, with dynamic reels spawning gigantic blocks sized up to 6×6 stacked. It is set in a Japanese shop and centered around the luck-bringing Daruma dolls and the fortune-finding felines frequent in Japanese culture.

Our Second GigaBlo release Hades, introduced GigaBlox battles. Hades is, in stark contrast to Lucky Neko, set in the underworld. This game is heavy metal-inspired with powerful sound effects, music, and fierce animations. Hades, the main character, fights battles on the reels and unlocks features such as the Hades Wild Hunt and Wild Hunt Free Spins.

What is Gigablox

Try the Game Lucky Neko  Try the Game Hades

Partners are already showing a big interest in our GEMs.

We have already seen an overwhelming interest in creating games with the Gigablox mechanic. Expect something exciting to be released during 2021. Watch this space! .

"Our GEMs is one way to engage and attract players to our games, but we are always looking for new, exciting ways to create the best possible online entertainment. Innovation and creativity are key in this competitive industry, and it's something we strive hard to encourage among all our employees and partners. It's at the heart of everything we do, and we hope and believe that our players appreciate the passion and hard work we put into our games and mechanics," said Robin Becker, Head of Marketing for Yggdrasil Gaming.

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