AGCC to eliminate "double taxation"

By David Cook
The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) has moved to reduce the impact of the UK point-of-consumption (PoC) regime on its operators.

As of 1 November 2014, online operators serving UK customers must hold a remote licence from the UK Gambling Commission.

However if their facilities are based within the AGCC jurisdiction operators will continue to require an AGCC licence or certificate.

Therefore to minimise "double regulation" the AGCC intends to follow a "flexible approach to compliance monitoring" for operators that primarily accept UK players.

AGCC fees for its Category 1 (B2C) licensees are banded according to the Net Gaming Yield (NGY) generated from their activities, and AGGC has moved to eliminate "double taxation" by advising operators that from 1 November the calculation of fees for Alderney licence renewals will exclude any NGY arising from customers based in the UK.

The exclusion also applies to licence fees for new operators.

AGCC executive director André Wilsenach said: "As a regulatory body the AGCC has to ensure that it maintains standards of probity on e-gambling activities that take place within its jurisdiction but also has to ensure that its regime reflects the evolving trends in the global market."

“Following the introduction of POC regulation, it no longer makes sense for both the UKGC and AGCC to focus on ensuring player protection."

"In so far as the role of the AGCC in respect of UK-facing operators based in Alderney is concerned, we will in future only focus on those areas where we have a duty to protect the reputation of the jurisdiction such as the suitability of management and control, the ongoing solvency of the Alderney entity and compliance with international standards in respect of AML/ CFT.”


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