Willem van Oort: Belgian operators well poised to enter Dutch igaming market

By Tim Poole
Gaming analyst Willem van Oort believes Belgian operators are in a strong position to capitalise on the Netherlands' new regulated online gaming market.
Looking set to launch in October after an endless list of delays over the years, the Dutch igaming market may see three batches of licence applicants, according to Van Oort.
And, in what may be a suprise to some given the relative lack of lobbying from their side, the Belgian contingent could make a significant mark on the market when it opens.
Van Oort exclusively wrote in Gambling Insider magazine: "At this point, it’s not fully clear which operators belong to this first group. But anecdotal data suggests that it includes several Belgian operators looking to expand their online operations into the Netherlands.
"As the political lobbying prior to the introduction of the Remote Gambling Act was being completely dominated by Dutch land-based incumbents on one side, and major international online operators on the other, this interest of Belgian operators may come as a surprise to some.
"But having already had a first crack at online operations, combined with their experience in a somewhat similar market, could very well mean that these Belgian operators are well poised to take advantage of the
Dutch opportunity."
Van Oort is the founder of Gaming in Holland, Gaming in Spain and Gaming in Germany. For his full article, see the May/June edition of Gambling Insider magazine here when it is published in mid-May.


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