ATG asks community of ethical hackers to check security

By Gambling Insider

YesWeHack, the European bug bounty platform, has teamed up with Sweden-based ATG, in an effort to identify potential vulnerabilities on its exposed assets.

ATG provides horseracing betting, sports betting and casino games for around 1.4 million customers.

Like many other industries that retain customer data, the sports betting and gambling industry is vulnerable and exposed to cyber-attacks.

ATG maintains databases that contain private and financial information, payment systems and apps that can be targeted by hackers, all while facing one of the most challenging issues of the sports betting industry: match-fixing.

The partnership began with ATG starting a private bug county program where YesWeHack invited several researchers to confirm the high level of security of ATG’s platform. This is to be followed by a public bug county program where the platforms will be checked by the entire YesWeHack community, representing over 30,000 global cybersecurity researchers.

ATG will host a Webinar on 7 December in which it will share its experience and best tips on how to get the most out of the ethical hackers’ community.

“ATG aims to combine our tradition and values with modern technology to improve and develop the gaming experience constantly,” said Erik Täfvander, Head of Cyber Security at ATG.

“Our experience with YesWeHack has been stellar right from the beginning, and we hope to address every conceivable vulnerability on our platform that needs to be taken care of before it is exposed.”

Guillaume Vassault-Houlière, CEO and Co-Founder of YesWeHack, continued: “ATG has a strong focus to create a positive gaming experience and wants to serve as an example for the betting industry.

“Adopting game-changing technologies such as bug bounty clearly shows that they are ahead of the competition and racing to win the hearts of their customers.”


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