RPG games account for 21.3% of mobile gaming revenues

By Gambling Insider

The mobile gaming industry is seeing a boom in popularity with RPG leading the way. Latest reports from Safe Betting Sites state that role-playing mobile games contributed to 21.3% of the mobile gaming industry’s global revenue in 2020. This attributes to $18.5bn out of the overall $86.9bn earned across all mobile gaming.

Popular across the world among gamers, there is a particularly high engagement in East Asian nations. And according to the same report, RPG games raised a total of $13.34bn in China, Japan and South Korea, with this amount being responsible for 72% of the global revenue generated by RPG mobile games. 

The popularity is less obvious in the western market, with the US seeing only nine RPG games featuring in the top 50 grossing mobile games, compared to 22 out of 50 in Japan.

The report highlights how different genres of RPG are favoured in different regions. For example, Collection RPGs are preferred in Japan with Fate/Grand Order in the top spot. In South Korea, MMORPG games are popular among gamers, with 16 standing among the top 50 grossing mobile games in the country; Lineage 2M this time led the way. 

In the US, Marvel Strike Force and Pokémon Go are the most popular RPG games, whereas in the UK it’s RAID: Shadow Legends and again Pokémon Go.

Editor at Safe Betting Sites, Vyom Chaudhary, commented: “The gaming preferences in the East and the West have always been different. RPGs have always had a special place in the Eastern Asian gaming community. This preference is very much apparent in mobile gaming too. ”


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