Chan Weng Lin suspected of being triad boss

Macau’s Public Prosecutions Office has issued a note suggesting Chan Weng Lin is the leader of a triad criminal group. He currently stands in pre-trial arrest. 


This follows the news that Chan, CEO and controlling shareholder of Macau Legend Development, has been arrested in regard to alleged money laundering and illegal cross-border gambling

This latest revelation came about following further investigation into the links with Alvin Chau Cheok Wa, the boss of junket brand Suncity Group, who was detained in November 2021. At the time, the Public Prosecutions office said Chau was suspected of leading a “criminal group,” rather than a triad; the latter being deemed more serious under criminal law in Macau.  

Notes from the Public Prosecutions Office mentioned that Chan was suspected of illegally running gambling operations and money laundering, in partnership with the criminal group led by Chau.

A total of four people have been detained since Friday, including Chan. However, only Chan has been placed under pre-trial arrest following a decision by a local judge. 

The Public Prosecutions Office said the alleged criminal activities undertaken by the four arrested had produced “a negative impact on Macau’s social order, and on the stable and sustainable development of Macau’s gaming sector.”

Chan is currently suspected of four types of crime; firstly being the leader of a triad group, which alone can incur a prison sentence of 15 years. He is also suspected of money laundering, illegal running of gambling operations and the illegal running of gambling operations in a casino. 

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