The Stroke Association signs partnership with Buzz Bingo

The Stroke Association and Buzz Bingo have signed a three-year partnership, launching a joint survey to commemorate the deal. 

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The survey aims to raise awareness of the action needed to help stroke survivors rebuild their lives, notably by tackling isolation and loneliness.  

Per the survey, 73% of stroke survivors spend less or no time socialising with family and friends following a stroke.  

This is something The Stroke Association and Buzz Bingo say is a devastating and hidden social impact of having a stroke.  

Furthermore, the survey found that 83% of stroke survivors spend less or no time on their hobbies and 79% have given up hobbies altogether. 

Other survey points revealed that 74% of stroke survivors experience tiredness and fatigue while 32% experience changes in their personalities.  

Buzz Bingo Head of Brand Communications Mark Fletcher said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the Stroke Association and to help raise awareness of the isolation and loneliness many stroke survivors experiences.  

“Over the next three years, we aim to raise £200,000 ($244,000) for the Stroke Association, through special events and fundraising initiatives, like our specially hosted event with Chris and Toby Tarrant. 

“As part of the partnership, we will also be working closely with the charity to provide volunteering opportunities for our colleagues and train them to better understand stroke and its impact.” 

To further celebrate the partnership, radio and TV legends Chris and Toby Tarrant hosted an exclusive bingo event for stroke survivors on behalf of both companies. 

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host suffered a stroke in 2014, and now raise awareness on the impact it can have on a person’s life.   

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