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NEWS 6 April 2016
Online GGY for Europe has gone up over 300% in the last 10 full years, topping $15bn
By David Cook
European online gross gaming yield (GGY) more than tripled between 2005 and 2015 to over $15bn, data sent to Gambling Insider has revealed.

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC) provided the data, which showed that interactive GGY rose from $3.71bn in 2005 to $11.06bn for 2010, which itself was a 198% upturn.

The figure has not accelerated at quite the same rate since, with last year’s total being $15.87bn, reflecting a 43% increase.

In total, the increase from 2005 to 2015 was 328%.

If the ascending rate were to remain the same for the next five years, then the figure would be $21.88bn for 2020.

The data shows that the shares of the market held by separate verticals has remained broadly similar in that time, with sports betting holding a 45.6% share in 2005, which increased to a 48.5% share for 2015.

Casino slightly closed the gap to sports betting in the 10-year period, going up from 23.1% for 2005 to 29.2% for 2015.

Lorien Pilling, GBGC director, says: “The improvement in internet technology, graphics and gameplay have helped online casino games grow their share.”

The journey made by online poker in that time has not been quite so successful, with its share falling from 23.2% for 2005 to 13.4% for 2015, though its share was at 22% for 2010.

Bingo’s share for the 10-year period almost flat-lined, increasing from 8% to 9%.
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