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European Lotteries advocates for stronger EU support in new manifesto

The Manifesto aims to serve as a comprehensive call to action for EU policymakers to recognise and protect the important role of lotteries across Europe.

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European Lotteries (EL) has published its Manifesto in anticipation of the new European Parliament and the European Commission's appointment later this year.

The document underscores the essential role of lotteries, not merely as games of chance, but as significant contributors to the social fabric of Europe.

EL argues that, since the inception of the first lottery in Bruges in 1441, lotteries have been integral to generating public funds. They remain prevalent in all EU Member States, continuing to support societal benefits.

The Manifesto acknowledges this background and emphasises that, without lotteries, European society would be €22bn ($23.81bn) poorer annually.

EL thus calls on EU policymakers to safeguard the unique model of national lotteries, ensuring their continued contribution to public welfare.

The Manifesto underscores the need for EU institutions to reaffirm the cultural and societal value of national lotteries, recognising their historical and traditional principles.

EL also stresses the importance of distinguishing legal from illegal gambling operators, supporting the Digital Services Act's concept of trusted flaggers to combat illegal online content and advocating for uniform legality of gambling operations both online and offline.

Additionally, EL calls for maintaining the current approach of exempting the gambling sector from specific EU legislation, allowing Member States to address local needs effectively and ensure high levels of consumer protection.

The Manifesto also advocates for a risk-based approach to advertising, where high-risk games are subject to stricter regulations than low-risk lottery games, ensuring responsible consumer channelling towards legal and safe offerings.

Finally, EL insists that any future EU discussions on environmental and social taxonomy should consider the unique characteristics of lotteries to avoid harming their collaboration with investors and insurers.

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