Osaka looking to open casino for the 2025 World Expo

By Harrison Sayers
Osaka is looking to solidify its future as the casino destination in Japan by attempting to pass guidelines for casino operations to coincide with their 2025 World Expo bid.

As reported in the Japan Times Osaka enjoys strong political support for casino gambling, and is therefore pushing to get one of the country's first casinos built on the artificial island of Yumeshima, in Osaka Bay. Osaka is currently bidding to host the 2025 World Expo also on the island, ideally soon after the prospective casino might open.

The World Expo currently occurs every five years and lasts up to six months, with the most popular in history being the 2010 Shanghai Expo which attracted over 70 million people.

Osaka’s theme for the bid is “designing future society for our lives" but the city still has to beat Paris for the honour of hosting the Expo.

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