Tropical storm Hato hits Macau as it heads towards Hong Kong

By Harrison Sayers
Tropical storm Hato, soon to be upgraded to a typhoon, has caused mass disruption to all economic activities in the South Easterly China region, in particular effecting Macau and soon Hong Kong.

The South China Post has reported that 3 people are dead with 20 injured in the Macau region alone.

Wind speeds near the city of Macau in Taipa, were recorded at 156 km/h (97 mph). Flights have been disrupted to and from the region as a result. The winds have caused huge amounts of damage to the entire island including the cities integrated resorts as the island simultaneously experiences numerous floods.

The casinos are likely to shut down for at least two days as many struggle with power outages, debris and the disrupted tourists. At one point the Wynn reported a complete systems failure with both the water and electricity stopped working.

Pictures have already shown that few casinos or any buildings for that matter have escaped damage. Images are already emerging of a flooded Ponte 16 resort as well as panicking tourists in the Wynn lobby during the power outage.

The regions integrated resorts and casinos will take a large financial dip for the month as they recover from this tragic storm. In the meantime the local government will focus on repairing and looking after those currently in Macau as it seeks to limit the damage already done.

Some estimates have suggested that it could cost the Hong Kong up to HK8bn in loses.

Hong Kong braces itself for Tropical Storm Hato with some weather observatories suggesting a more severe warning upgrading to a typhoon alert. The storm is likely to reach the city within the next few days. As Hato is already over a category NO.8 all financial buildings will be closed.

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