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NEWS 16 October 2017
Belgium gambling advertising restrictions given go-ahead
By Robert Simmons
The Belgian Minister of Justice, Koen Geens has received the approval of the countries Council of Ministers to introduce restrictions on the way that gambling services are currently being advertised on the countries broadcast media.

Minister Geens began work on draft legislation to amend Belgium’s existing Betting and Gaming Act back in June, with the full support of the Belgium Gaming Commission (BGC).

The proposals include the raising of the minimum age for online gambling from 18 to 21 and would see the banning of gambling advertisements on television before 8pm. This would also see the complete blocking of any gaming advertisements during live sporting events.

On screen banners during games and commercials during half time are also banned under the proposals which include the implementation of mandatory problem gambling warnings in operator marketing materials and fines for operators who are found to breach the new regulations.

Any advertising content should not be broadcast less than 15 minutes before and after programs that are particularly aimed at children. Gambling advertising content will not be allowed to appear on sports equipment and kits, placing many high profile sponsorship deals between betting gambling firms and Belgium’s football clubs at risk.

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