Camelot’s new strategic vision reaps the rewards

By Nicole Gheller

It was announced on the 8 June by Camelot UK Lotteries Limited that National Lottery ticket sales increased for the 2017/18 financial year accounted to $9.2bn which was an increase of $35.27m on last year.

The increase also shows that the company’s new strategic review is displaying positive results.

Following the announcement, the company’s CEO Nigel Railton said: “Given that we had anticipated a further sales decline this year, our achievement in getting The National Lottery back into growth and delivering more money for Good Causes underlines the importance of the work we have been carrying out following the strategic review.

“It’s fair to say that sales benefited from a nice run of luck – particularly on EuroMillions with some incredible jackpots – but the strong foundations and new initiatives that we are putting in place have also started to play a part.”

Throughout 2017/18, Camelot made $2.2bn for Good Causes, not including investment returns. This was $36.47m more than the previous year.

During the year, the company created 343 new millionaires and awarded $5.3bn in prizes. Overall more than $89.5bn in prizes have been awarded by the National Lottery and over 5,000 millionaires have been created.

One of the main reasons for the sales increase was the rise in digital sales which account for $2.2bn. Sales through smartphones and tablets now make over 40% of digital sales. Mobile sales reached an all-time high of $935.9m with the help of the official National Lottery app for iPhone and Android phones.

Camelot’s new strategic review consisted of four areas: improving the range of National Lottery games, investing in retail initiatives, upgrading the company’s digital capabilities, and reinvigorating the National Lottery brand.

Retail is still the largest sales medium which accounts for more than 75% of total sales

Looking ahead, Nigel added: “While there is much work still to do – and we’ll continue to face challenges beyond our control, such as continuing doubts over the economy and ever-increasing competition from the gambling sector – we’re confident that we have some really strong plans lined up.

“These include improvements to Lotto coming later this year to give our players a better winning experience. The National Lottery is a truly national institution that makes a massive difference to the lives of people and communities across the UK – and everyone at Camelot is fully committed to ensuring that this success story continues.”


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