Macau gambling profit shot up for 2017

By Tim Poole

The Macau gaming industry amassed profit of 157.74 billion yuan in 2017 ($23bn), an increase of 19%, despite a decline in corporate deposits and interest income.

Total expenditure, meanwhile, amounted to 149.89bn yuan, due to a rise in purchases, commissions and customer rebates.

Operating and non-operating costs both also saw an increase, while the total fixed capital formation of the industry decreased significantly by 87% to 950m yuan.

Nevertheless, the overall impact of Macau’s gambling industry increased, providing an 18% year-on-year rise in the total value added of its contribution to the economy (179.07bn yuan).

Macau's casinos generated casino gaming revenue of 265.74bn yuan last year, up 19% from 2016.


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