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NEWS 5 November 2018

Company Focus: Nitro Casino! By Yggdrasil

By Gambling Insider
 Put your helmet on and get in the saddle for the ride of your life with Yggdrasil’s first ever branded slot game Nitro Circus!

This adrenaline-fuelled slot features some of Nitro Circus’s biggest stunt bike stars and greatest aerial tricks with players able to fly through the air on one of seven wild vehicles when they hit the Nitro Jump Bonus, winning massive multipliers should they choose the highest and riskiest jump on offer.

Nitro Circus has a thrill-a-minute base game bringing the high-octane action of the arena to casino players, but they can hit the main feature through both scatters and collections, plus choose between three different risk levels. The higher the speed for the jump chosen, the bigger the chance of higher win multipliers, but be warned, the faster you go, the greater the chance of crash landing with a minimal win. Only players with nerves of steel will win big!

Nitro Circus is the world’s biggest action sports entertainment brand led by co-founder, the legendary action sports athlete, motorsports competitor and stunt daredevil Travis Pastrana.

The launch of this exclusive branded slot game partnership coincides with Nitro Circus’ all-new ‘You Got This tour’, visiting six different European countries between 20th November and 9th December.

The partnership brings together two innovative brands that are leaders within their respective sectors, both with a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Test yourself and take the leap of faith to see if you can land huge prizes.
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