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NEWS 26 April 2019

SG Digital exec: US sports betting will test platforms to "outermost limits"

By Tim Poole

Keith O’Loughlin, SG Digital SVP Sportsbook, says sports betting suppliers should prioritise scalability over speed to market in the US.

The SG Digital exec believes US sports betting will test platforms to "their outermost limits," particularly during the Stanley Cup and March Madness – which recently led to record handle in Nevada and boosted revenue in several other US states.

That’s why O’Loughlin values the strength of a sports betting platform over how quickly it can enter a regulated state market.

He tells Gambling Insider: "As US sports betting gains popularity, platforms will be tested to their outermost limits, especially during flagship American sporting events like March Madness or the Stanley Cup.

"So, while speed to market should remain a key aspect of any operator or supplier’s US strategy, scalability should take the top billing. When bettors arrive en masse, operators with strong, sturdy solutions will come out on top."

O’Loughlin was speaking exclusively for the May/June edition of the Gambling Insider magazine. Register for free here to read the full article when published.

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