Affmore CEO: Usability is key for affiliate programs

By Owain Flanders

Robert Reinikainen, Founder and CEO of Affmore, believes affiliate programs are too often overcomplicated with outdated features.

Speaking with Trafficology, Gambling Insider’s affiliate publication, Reinikainen explained why usability was a priority when creating the Affmore affiliate program in 2015.

He said: "Usability was a main focus. We found in other programs there were so many features no one even uses, or someone might have used 15 or 20 years ago but are completely useless nowadays.

"You have to scroll around lots to really know what you’re doing with offerings like that, so we decided we had to be completely user friendly.

"We wanted everyone to be able to use our program right away."

In addition to being simple to use, Reinikainen believes a program must be flexible to accommodate shifting market trends and regulations.

He said: "We knew the program wasn’t going to be completely perfect straight away, but the idea was we would build it so well stats-wise and tech-wise it wasn’t going to fall apart, and if we needed to change anything later on we would be able to do so.

"It doesn’t matter what trends the industry takes because we can change the program in a matter of minutes."

The extended interview will appear in the February edition of Trafficology. Click here to read the full version when available.


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