Dynamic Yield director: Regulatory “headache” one of the main roadblocks to personalisation

Nadav Tamam, Dynamic Yield's Director of Gaming, has bemoaned operator perception that personalisation is a regulatory headache.


Dynamic Yield has released a report into the personalisation of gaming, surveying stakeholders from cross-functional roles within the online gaming industry.

The report was formed through speaking to C-level executives, marketers, IT, CX, product, acquisition and affiliate managers in North America, EMEA and APAC.

It stated the vast majority of gaming and betting companies (82%) recognise the importance and benefits of an individualised approach to the larger business strategy.

However, it also highlighted that despite so many firms recognising the importance, only 54% of respondents have prioritised personalisation as a strategic, company-wide initiative.

Tamam, speaking to Gambling Insider, said: "A lot of the main players in the gaming landscape don’t even look into personalisation because they think it is going to be a headache in terms of regulation. 

"Today in the UK, and especially in Europe, regulation is getting heavier and heavier and people really want to avoid any problems there. So this is one of the main roadblocks in lifting that state of mind."

Tamam admitted he was not surprised by the main summary of the report, which said the industry still has a lot of work to do in the area of personalisation.

He also suggested there is a paradox that while companies are very invested in player experience, they do not invest in personalisation. 

However, he emphasised the potential reward for companies, should they choose to embrace it.

Tamam said: "So basically what we did here is we had a few companies we ran a global control group with, and the lifts were between 5% and 17% both in revenue, deposit and registration.

"It really goes back to what KPI is being measured but the potential is immense."

The report produces a scale of various factors for personalisation maturity, globally speaking, with each column further broken down into if a factor is absent, basic, advanced or pioneer.

Culture was the highest rating across the board, with 44% considered advanced and 41% rating as pioneer. This suggests the intent is very much there, but without it being followed through.

Companies generally pull in developers to assist with personalisation initiatives, particularly in the EMEA region (73%) versus 50% in the Americas and 45% in APAC. This is in part due to 68% of global online gaming companies saying they lack ample resources to succeed with regards to personalisation.

Tamam believes the easiest route for companies to quickly improve with regards to personalisation is through CRM data.

The Dynamic Yield Director of Gaming said: "I think easily, they can harness their CRM data better, because today CRM data for gaming is a very good, mature industry and they are doing it very well. 

"I think they can easily change and create more personalised experiences for users; they know they have very specific tendencies. I think the low-hanging fruit today for the gaming industry is take notice and if I was given a sentence, an operator should start there.

"Bear in mind 90% on average of the traffic on your site are non-registered users. So for your non-registered users, give them some personalisation; for example, the referral, where did it come from?

"If it came from Google for a specific campaign, show them a more relevant home page, don’t give them the generic landing home page everybody sees. Only this will increase your conversion rates."

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