MGA study shows sports betting operators worst hit by pandemic

By Owain Flanders

After conducting a survey with online operators this month, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has published its findings in a report assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Maltese gaming industry.

The survey covered a number of different areas, including the pandemic’s impact on gaming revenue, operating costs and investments.

According to MGA data, the B2C sector has been the most impacted by the crisis.

The aggregate gaming revenue of the 151 B2C companies who participated in the study is forecasted to fall by 12% in 2020 – driven primarily by reductions in sports betting activities.

Sports betting operators are expected to be the worst hit, with gross revenue expected to be around 40% lower than earlier projected in 2020.

In regards to investment, the impact of the pandemic has mostly involved the postponement of investment by B2C operators.

Meanwhile, for the 64 B2B gaming companies who participated in the study, 2020 revenue is forecasted to be 20% lower than previous estimates.

Between 33% and 38% of these B2B companies are planning to postpone their investment during 2020.

For those engaging in both B2C and BCB operations, the projected drop in revenue is 20% for 2020, while 66% are planning on postponing investments.


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