Winning customer hearts in today's resort industry

YWS Design & Architecture, global leader in leisure design releases its latest white paper, Winning Customer Hearts In Today's Resort Industry. The paper offers the formula for increasing consumer spend through customer loyalty and brand engagement. A recent Gallup report revealed that annual consumer spend in hospitality increased 46% among guests who were fully engaged with the property's brand. Its application to the integrated resort industry is clear and the revenue increase is too significant to ignore.

For new brands launching into the market, as well as heritage brands struggling to maintain relevance, challenges brought about by digital disintermediation, and the emergence of the sharing economy can be difficult to navigate. Legacy brands feel urgent pressure to bond with digital natives that seem to have a whole new set of preferences. To answer the challenge, brands: evolve, shift and reinvent but guest satisfaction has reached a plateau. We’ve been charged with "authenticity" and so we chase trends like localism, we embrace location based technologies and even adopt socially responsible practices in hopes that they'll lead to the authentic promised land - but guest satisfaction has reached a plateau.

All of this disruption, however, has brought about an opportunity to go back to our brand roots, get real about who we are as a company, what we value, and to tell our story often and share it widely. In the end , today's consumer wants to be connected with something real, an authentic brand that shares their values and meets their expectations. Gone are the days of "Mad Men" whose clever advertising campaigns shaped our opinions and lifestyles. Today's consumers are savvy, informed and searching.

The brands that are able to achieve full guest engagement will win. The formula is relevance + resonance+ authenticity= full engagement. For a copy of the white paper and a complete explanation of the full engagement formula, you can download the white paper at the following link,

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