Published: 28 November, 2022

PLAY HARD: Let’s Opa!

Campeón Gaming celebrated its fifth anniversary with sun, sea and sand – but also the vibrant nature of a bustling city – in Athens last month (October). That’s what you get in the Greek capital: a blend of the peaceful, beautiful Mediterranean, and the night life and tourist hotspots of central Athens.

It’s a city Campeón is more than used to, being its main base and where it has recruited people from across the globe. And it’s a city the operator invited over 300 guests to for its anniversary celebrations, which involved plate smashing, sightseeing (the Acropolis is the staple tourist attraction in Greece), dancing into the early hours and plenty of Greece’s finest food and drink.

Don’t worry, this isn’t an advert for Greece nor Campeón. To be honest, neither product really needs much selling, such has been Campeón’s success in the B2C market. Through its B2B division, Nexto Gaming, it is now entering other parts of the market – but this weekend wasn’t necessarily about that, as a number of industry partners came together to celebrate their partnership with Campeón's B2C operations to date. Words can’t necessarily illustrate all the dancing, plate smashing (and, yes, drinking), but rest assured, Campeón and all its partners had a blast. Let's Opa!