13 June, 2022

In focus: VallettaPay

VallettaPay is a leading payment services solution for online businesses.

We are the solution for making and receiving international payments. As a licensed firm, we provide your business with a bank account.

As the business world continues to shrink  and more deals are transacted across borders, more and more businesses must learn how to send and receive payments internationally. While it may seem easy just to use your current banking system, it could also put your accounting teams in a situation where they are constantly trying to track and reconcile payments. Not to mention, you could be waiting for a much-needed payment as it makes its way through a cumbersome process.

All our clients get a dedicated IBAN account for convenient and straightforward payments.

VallettaPay offers multi-currency payments for businesses and individuals across the world.

We guarantee a simple and straightforward onboarding procedure.


For businesses looking to make their current international trade practices more efficient or for those looking to break into a new market, streamlined cross-border payments can be a beneficial place to start.

We help you to make seamless SEPA transfers by using your dedicated IBAN. At VallettaPay, you can send money instantly between VallettaPay accounts and transfer funds internationally with SWIFT. You can also save and schedule transfers.

Convenient & Practical

Our team is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for our partners and customers. We know that a happy team is one that performs at the highest level. Our team ethos encourages mutual support, respect, recognition and reward.

All client funds are held in segregated accounts and capital against each transaction processed.

Transactions are screened against all international sanction lists.

As a licensed & regulated Payment Institution, VallettaPay is trusted by international banks and regulators worldwide.

All payments within the Single European Payment Area go on the same business day.


We utilise numerous levels of physical, logical and software security controls. This allows secure online communications between us, while protecting your information. Privacy is considered in all aspects of our business.


Transparency is important when it comes to payments between one business and another, but even more important when it comes to creating an ecosystem for multiple partners. In global enterprises, where separate businesses and sub-brands all merge into a single system, being able to move money easily, accurately, and transparently within that system is vital for basic day-to-day operations.

The transparency embedded within these new processes is the glue that holds them all together. When we know what’s happening with our money, trust builds and questions don’t get asked, saving time and money for all stakeholders.

All the prices and tariffs are presented in a clear and straightforward way without any hidden fees.

Make it happen

Apply online for your dedicated IBAN at www.vallettapay.com.

It’s one account for all the markets you operate in, independent of the currency of the transactions. Accept, secure and redistribute funds your own way. Make it happen thanks to VallettaPay.