22 November, 2022

Simple and easy to play

Galaxsys CEO Hayk Sargsyan discusses the iGaming industry’s growth in recent years, the popularity of fast games in Asia and much more.

How has the iGaming industry changed over the last couple of years?
During the last several years, the iGaming industry has been developing rapidly, especially after the Covid-19 outbreak, and there are several reasons for that. The iGaming industry provides stimulation and excitement, and as millions of people around the globe started to look for different ways to make their leisure more enjoyable, our industry is reaching its peak. During these times, some people began showing interest in social gaming, whereas a considerable amount of potential users preferred to get engaged in iGaming.

Besides, since more and more land-based casinos got quieter during the pandemic, a great flow of people who were not previously involved in online gaming made their first step into the industry, got used to it and stayed here. It is also worth noting that, nowadays, thanks to the accelerating number of smartphones and better Wi-Fi quality in most parts of the world, it has become easier and more efficient to get more people interested in the industry.

What new updates are there regarding Galaxsys?

Galaxsys’ growth is expeditious. Our introductory event to the gaming industry was in April when we exhibited at ICE London 2022. Only a few months later, we already have dozens of signed contracts, crucial integrations, industry-known partners and five more significant events behind us.

To cope with these rapid developments, we are introducing a new team structure that will enable us to create new engaging games and take them to the “live” stage faster. As a result, two innovative games have already been introduced to the industry: Cash Show, a game that connects fashion to iGaming, and Hexagon, a board game that has never been developed as a betting game. In the near future, we plan to introduce many new games, which will be innovative for the whole market.

What are the most important factors to consider when developing a successful game?

Simple and easy to play: These are the key factors contributing to our games’ success. Galaxsys’ game portfolio offers a wide range (15+) of fast and skill games. The games have been developed to allow our partners to improve both player acquisition and retention, and generate profitable growth. Our games are user-friendly, easy to understand and simple to play.

How popular are fast games in Asia, and are they more or less popular in other markets?

In August 2022, Galaxsys debuted at the G2E Asia Expo held in Singapore. That was when we officially introduced ourselves to the Asian market for the first time. The outcomes of the event exceeded our expectations in many ways. As a result, we have acquired new agreements during the expo, which, in my belief, will turn into reliable and fruitful partnerships.

Undoubtedly, our crash-type games have significantly more demand in all markets. Taking that into consideration, we have developed three crash-type games in our portfolio.

The first is Crash, a high-speed game for fans of risk versus reward, in which players can choose to cash out early and have a small return – or “play the market” and hope for a higher return before the crash occurs. The second is our branded game Rocketon, which has very realistic animations and is exciting to play. The players make their bets before the rocket rises and hope to make a cash-out before the rocket flies far away. And the third one is Cash Show, which has been developed as a result of cooperation with Fashion TV Gaming Group. The game’s unique feature is that it is the first-ever Luxury Fashion fast game and features real-life models.

Popular games such as blackjack and sic bo are also in great demand in the Asian market. But how popular are skill games?
Skill games are a must-have for any operator and help to increase brand awareness further. Business-wise, it is true that the profitability of Skill games cannot be compared to fast games, but the value they bring can often exceed that of fast games. That is because skill games require more time to play; thus, they extend the player’s involvement and engagement in the website, and increase the company’s brand loyalty. When developing skill games, we take into account the demographics and cultural peculiarities. Generally, countries with an ancient history that play board games as a part of daily activities are the target markets for such games. Worldwide, the number of skill games players is increasing.

Are there any new markets that Galaxsys wants to enter in the near future?
We are currently in an active certification and licensing phase. Now, we are actively engaged in the process of getting into the Greek, Italian and Croatian markets. Generally, Galaxsys’ licensing policy is quite flexible. Even though we generally try to develop global solutions with our games, we make all necessary localisations to make them easier to integrate. Meanwhile, we translate the games into any language and integrate that specific country’s currency in a short time. Moreover, we always respond quickly to the requirements of any new partnership and are eager to acquire licensing in any market that is of mutual interest.

What are Galaxsys’ goals for the rest of 2022 and going into 2023?
We have one global goal on the horizon: to be among the top three providers of fast games by the end of 2023. Given the fact that we already have our professional team and Galaxsys has already been moving towards the aim, I believe it is not a dream but a goal we will achieve.