26 March, 2021

Product Review: Advanced AI and ML from BtoBet

BtoBet is set to launch a set of tools based on advanced AI and ML, allowing for a more player-centric betting experience. These tools provide the answers to a lot of the conundrums that operators and their teams face on a daily basis. Through in-depth data analytics based on various elements – such as player betting behaviour, betting preferences, amounts deposited and staked amongst many other filters – operators would be able to increase the engagement of their players through a more personalised approach, recommending bets based on individual preferences or other trending events that would interest the player directly. This data analysis also proves very handy in terms of protecting the operator against fraudulent behaviour, and the player himself by avoiding betting patterns that could lead to problem gambling. Ultimately, through these data-based recommendations, operators would be able to increase the player-lifetime-value far more effectively. Another interesting tool that will be launched with the new product add-on portfolio will be sportsbook gamification through tournaments. This could be either predefined by the operator themself, or created by the individual players and shared with their friends, even on social media. Another add-on tool that is expected to have a significant impact in terms of increased player engagement, retention and acquisition, is free-to-play sports games and tournaments. Available for all the major sports and leagues, this tool is highly engaging and also determined from an acquisition perspective.

Last but not least is the AI Writing tool that provides operators with the solution on how to automatically populate their site with in-depth sports news, based on statistics. This highly advanced tool allows operators to provide detailed news items covering any sport, in multiple languages, without the need to employ a legion of writers.