Product Review: iFrame/ Turnkey Sportsbook from Pinnacle Solution

By Carl Friedmann

Pinnacle Solution knows what it takes to help you win at sports betting. With the purest risk management strategies honed over decades of expertise in high-volume, low-margin trading, our sportsbook product delivers operators more value through better hold, and a proven point of difference on pricing and content. With a market-leading trading team covering major and minor sports in-depth, as well as an award-winning esports product that has taken in well over 30 million bets, Pinnacle Solution is helping to set the trading benchmark.

2021 has seen the sports betting industry return quickly to a new form of normality, and with that, we’re doubling down on our product development and content provisions to stay ahead of the market. With a recently expanded tennis offer incorporating more events and more markets, both pre-match and in-play, we can service you with the level of content that your customers demand. Similar additions are coming to our US sports offering, while new, pioneering product launches are imminent across esports and for in-play betting. Leveraging our B2C expertise, Pinnacle Solution has the unique know-how and understanding of the challenges faced by sports betting operators, and we’re ready to meet them. Integrating our flexible offering has never been easier, allowing your brand to reap the benefits of a respected, proven sportsbook quickly and cost-effectively.

Whether you’re launching a brand new sportsbook or want to enhance your existing offering, our client-driven approach and choice of iFrame API or Turnkey solutions can work for both your content and platform needs, helping you achieve business goals.