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Since the year 2000, WorldMatch has consistently developed games for many markets, which can easily be defined as memorable best sellers. Not only is this a pleasing outcome, but it also emphasises our know-how, expertise and innovation, which we have built over the past 20 years while operating in this sector.

Based in Italy, WorldMatch collaborates with some of the biggest international online casinos. We specialise in products especially designed to satisfy the tastes and preferences of any player, and provide our operators with important business tools.

As a business partner you can choose from a portfolio containing more than 200 games, programmed to interact in any language and to accept any currency. Our flexibility in adapting to an ever-changing market as well as our strategic decision to meet the regulatory requirements of each particular market are two of our distinctive features.

Game immediacy, both in terms of usability and game play, added to our high level of support, enable us to respond in the appropriate way to the various requests from our operators, allowing us to becomes truly global: WorldMatch by name and by nature.


The distinctive excellence of the WM Games is invisible to the naked eye.

In addition to the eyecatching graphics there are a variety of game engines capable of maximizing the potential of our profound knowledge of the players' preferences: we know what they like, what they enjoy and what entertains them. Therefore, we are continuously introducing new innovative game variables.

Businesses who choose us know that they can count on this variety, as well as the engagement we are capable of creating.


We offer a truly rich and varied catalogue: the large range of WM games will satisfy anybody who is seeking entertainment. We offer more than 200 games, 160 slot machines with 70 game engines, 30 table games and all types of video poker for both desktop and mobile devices, with a large choice of configurations.

In fact, the advantage lies in the variety we are able to offer, in terms of volatility, game features, winning frequency and multi-platform jackpots.


WM Games accept all currencies, be they real or virtual. We are competitive in every market, in fact our products are already geared for international use.

This is because today’s customers constantly have new needs, which we must be able to accommodate, no matter the market.

The fact that our operators can count on our support for currency holdings of all types is an advantage almost beyond price.


WM Games have no linguistic limits: we make them speak any language. And it's not merely a question of a simple game adaptation, since nowadays this is quite easily achieved with modern technologies. We study the culture of each country thoroughly to better comprehend its traditions, people's thematic preferences and the major entertainment formats.

Therefore, we redevelop our games based on our extensive research so that we can communicate withand truly please our players in each country.


WM is already partnered with many companies which operate in the online gaming industry. Many of the most prestigious European casinos have confided in the expertise and the know-how of WM Gaming to increase the business offer level of their customers and this with a remarkably satisfactory outcome.

We offer different types of business tools of the highest quality: the games are appreciated, they are played on a regular basis, and the feedback is always positive.

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