Keep it professional: Cloudbet targets pro sports bettors with latest offering

By Gambling Insider

Bitcoin casino and sportsbook Cloudbet has unveiled new features in a first for bitcoin betting.  

Cloudbet customers and affiliates will gain open access to its machine interface (API), which will allow them to keep a closer tab on their activities with the company’s sportsbook.  

The open access is aimed towards professional sports bettors; it will allow players to see changes in market odds quicker than ever before.  

Meanwhile, a partner API tier will allow other bookmakers to interact with Cloudbet to manage their customer liabilities.  

The company has also made several changes to other areas, such as adding a ‘Money Talks’ feature which highlights the difference between market odds and actual bets placed for selected events. 

Cloudbet has also added more variety and flexibility to its casino offering, as well as a new bonus reward for deposits higher than €20 ($23.98). Players can now also deposit and bet with US dollars, Canadian dollars and Euros.  

These improvements come after Cloudbet’s growth in 2020, when the company integrated six new cryptocurrencies and added features like esports, virtual sports, politics betting and social media bet sharing.   

Cloudbet spokesperson said: “We had a busy year and we continue to raise the bar for ourselvesWe’re constantly looking for ways to provide players with the best bitcoin betting experience in the world.” 


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