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NEWS 30 September 2015
Bet365 operating profit tops £400m for its financial year
By David Cook
Operator Bet365 has announced operating profit of £406.4m for the 52-week period ended March 29 2015, up 88% year-on-year.

The figures, which were sent to Gambling Insider, showed that amounts wagered went up 31% to £34.68bn, while turnover went up 15% to £1.47bn.

Profit for Bet365 Group Ltd was £327.6m, which includes operations from its Barclays Premier League football club Stoke City, up 87%.

The group donated £10m to the Bet365 Foundation during the period, compared to a donation of £105.5m for the previous year.

Directors of the group paid a total dividend of £75m during the period, down from £95m.

Bet365 joint chief executive Denise Coates CBE said: “On behalf of the board I am pleased to report that the group continued to experience significant growth during the period, with overall revenues from the group’s gambling activities increasing by 15%.”
IN-DEPTH 21 February 2018
Blockchain: Better the Devil you know?
The battle of the blockchain rages on. The technology that underpins cryptocurrency has proved deeply divisive, both in the gaming industry and wider financial markets. Up until now blockchain has suffered from a reputation as a tool for circumvention of controls and a platform for the underworld, but could the decentralised and transparent nature of the technology transform the gaming landscape as it promises? We asked two of the world's leading experts on blockchain gaming if it has finally come of age