RGC and ThinkTV join forces to launch safer gambling PSA in Ontario

Canada’s Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) has collaborated on a new campaign to encourage Ontarian bettors to wager responsibly.

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Alongside marketing and research association ThinkTV, the RGC has developed a new initiative set to “hit television and radio waves in the coming weeks.”

This will endeavour to educate Canadians about the possible risks associated with gambling, and focus on betting in particular.

Ontario’s iGaming market went live in April, as did single-event sports betting, and the RGC’s messaging is primarily intended for Ontarians.

To this end, the campaign supposedly “taps into the look and feel” Ontarians now associate with online gambling ads. The RGC published a 30-second video on YouTube in a parody of stereotypical betting ads, but halfway through, things take a turn.

An actor directly addresses the audience, imploring viewers to wager responsibly, before directing them to KnowTheRisk.ca.

“With the rise of online gambling and sports betting advertising in Ontario – and across Canada – we recognized there was a need to help the public understand the sensationalised ads we’re seeing on TV don’t necessarily reflect reality,” said Shelley White, RGC Chief Executive.

“It is important for everyone to learn and understand the risks involved when gambling in the online space and how to minimise those risks when playing online.”

Via ThinkTV, this public service announcement (PSA) will run across Canadian broadcast networks in Ontario, though it may be later expanded to other provinces.

Alan Dark, ThinkTV Chairman, expressed a similar sentiment to White, adding: “There is an opportunity for us all to work together to ensure Ontarians receive a balanced message when it comes to online gambling and sports betting.

“The broadcast community plays an important role in shaping the gambling advertising landscape, and we are proud to be leading the charge in a responsible way to meet the needs of the industry and the public.”

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